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Diamond Frame | Sansevieria



This unique diamond-shaped frame comes to make your place more fun.


Botanical illustrations are the perfect touch for any living space – be it your office or your sweet home.

Our high-quality illustration print features the houseplant Sansevieria.





Size (acne to acne) : 39 cm.

Frame and print are both included.



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About our Diamond Frame:



We use natural raw materials both for our products and our packaging.

Our frames are hand-crafted by us in the kindest way with your safety in mind.

Fully recyclable and free of chemical dyes, it’s a perfectly safe product to place in your home and  grow with you.



Each illustration is printed to the highest standards. We pick heavyweight paper and archival inks of superior quality to preserve the vivid colors of our print.

Each illustration is signed by the artist and has a unique number, indicating the respective number of publication.



For our Diamond Frames we pick maple wood in its natural color combined with true glass – a flattering addition for any place and a great match for our prints.



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